Coopemapi, also known as Mel da Gerais (Honey from the Gerais) has a strong commitment to preserving, maintaining and reforesting the native forests of this semi- arid region.

In the past, the population in the northern region of Minas Gerais only had a few options to survive:
1. Forest devastation for lumber sale and posterior cattle breeding, growing crops, cotton, sugar cane and soil excavation for mineral digging.
2. Fleeing their homeland to the urban areas in order to get a job The beekeeping process changed it all, making sure the actual forests are preserved and an intense effort to planting native trees, bushes and flowers has been in place since the foundation of the Coop, which will ultimately, bring the water back to the region and keep the population where they were born.

Pollination is fundamental to the maintenance of the environment for ongoing and the future generations. Without the bees the world would be a much drier and polluted place to live in, and we would not have enough food to eat.

We have preserved hundreds of thousands of trees in our region and with seedlings grown in our own tree nursery. We focus on native species which can resist the dry and hot weather, we have already planted a little over 50,000 trees in the region, with 25,000 trees planted per year.

The more we plant, the more we generate water to the entire area, to the population and to the planet and the more trees we have in the world, the more CO2 we capture out of the atmosphere, reducing the global warming and greenhouse effects.

You can support our program by donating as many trees as you want, each tree donated and planted will have a total cost of USD0.88 as we do not have profit on it. Please get in touch if want to help at