About us

Coopemapi is a cooperative group with 376 beekeeping families and growing, which has been founded in 2016 in Bocaiuva, a city in the northern region of Minas Gerais state in Brazil.

Main Goals of the COOP are:

1. Familiar sustainability: Generating profit to the beekeeping families, making sure they stay on their lands without evading to the urban areas.
2. Environment preservation: Generating the conservation of the existing forests, biodiversity and consequently the generation of water in the area.
3. Sustainable reforestation: Reforesting the area by means of seedling plantation with their own plant nursery.

Minas Gerais, translated as General Mines, has always been known for its intensively destruction of the forests and biodiversity for the plantation of monocultures like cotton, sugar cane and soy and mainly for the search for iron ore, limestone, diamond and gold gems along with many other minerals since the arrival of the European in the country.

The northern region of Minas Gerais has always had to deal with the shortage of water as it is a semi-arid region of the country, savannah like.

But the wide variety of semi-arid hardwood trees, bushes and fruits, along with their ancient medicine treatment properties, used and known by the ancient natives, is now being proven to be able to generate a better quality of life to those in need by means of the honey produced by the tough bees that survive and generate life in our environment.

The most common bee we keep is Apis mellifera, also called as hybrid bee, derived from a mix of the African and the European bee. It is a tough bee, hardworking throughout the year and very resistant to diseases.